Weather, kids, pets...We live in our homes and as time passes it all starts to take a toll.  If you aren't doing work to improve or maintain your home, then it is probably heading in the wrong direction and repairs are going to be necessary.  Our goal is to identify items that present the most risk and address them before they become a problem, but things break and Great Estate brings the solutions.  Let's get your house fixed and on the right path, and then we'll maintain it from there.  Click on the photos for a larger view of the repair before and afters.

Interior trim, drywall, paint, plumbing and electrical.  We all have issues with these items on occasion.  Step outside and see how mother nature can really put accelerate the wear down process.  Decks, fences, and anything wood, wood, wood...they don't like our weather.

House exterior repairs

Repair.  Improve.  Maintain.


Decks, fences and landscaping repairs